Better than brainpower alone


robotmia finds hidden gems buried in your data automatically, so you can stop data mining and act on insight quickly. From anomaly detection to automatic segmentation, we make sure you never miss a sign from your users. Finally: an analytics platform that actually does the analysis for you.

Automatic insights bring new
discoveries to you

Trying to find answers on your own in terabytes of user data is time-consuming and often leads nowhere. Instead, our tools point you in the right direction and bring you surprising insights and trends directly.


Stop data mining

We comb through your data automatically to surface answers and anomalies you might otherwise miss.


Goodbye, human error

Our algorithms outcalculate and outrun the human brain, learning from more than seven trillion data points on the fly.


Answers for anyone

Complex analysis doesn’t have to be restricted to data scientists. Our tools are easy for your whole team to use.

what customers say

Some of the most valuable information I glean from robotmia comes from the peaks and valleys in the data. Finding anomalies automatically and getting insight into why they may have occurred helps.

How it all works

Discover surprising new insights about acquisition and retention. Detect anomalies instantly. Find high and low performing user segments. Predict future user behavior. With robotmia, complicated math turns into actionable insight in a few clicks.

Automatic Segmentation Graphs
automatic segmentation - icon 1x

Automatic Segmentation

Automatic Segmentation analyzes your reports to identify high and low performing segments of users so you can boost your product performance.

Smart Alert Illustration
Anomaly Detection Bell Icon

Anomaly Detection

Anomaly Detection finds anomalies and abnormal trends in your data. Plus, it alerts you immediately, so you can take action right away.



Predict tells you which users are likely to perform an action based on past behavior. Understand who’s ready for re-engagement with timely messages.


Our secret? Trillions of data points.

To be both useful and accurate, world-class machine learning models require massive amounts of data to learn from. Luckily, robotmia ingests more than seven trillion data points every year. With each new piece of data, our algorithms get smarter, and you get answers faster.

Your product’s future could be hiding in your data

Companies like Microsoft, BMW, Intuit, and STARZ PLAY are unlocking insights they would’ve otherwise missed. Let us show you what robotmia can do for you.