Revamp your workflow
with robotmia's Platform

Understand the full customer journey by analyzing your user behavior data from your other systems of record such as payments, marketing automation, CRM, and support tickets in robotmia. Then, take action to drive up retention and customer lifetime value.

Easily analyze and act on all your user data

  • Analyze the complete journey

    Understand the actions your users take online and offline by analyzing all your user behavior data together.

  • Take immediate action

    Personalize your website and app, send targeted messages, or drill down to address a single user's issues.

  • Measure and improve

    Measure the impact you have, and use data to continuously iterate and optimize the customer experience.

People analyzing their user's journey.

Discover deep insights

  • Deliver instant answers

    You have difficult questions. robotmia has the answers. On average, queries are returned in less than a second, no matter how many ways you slice and dice the data.

  • Understand your impact

    Whether you built a new feature or sent a campaign, you want to understand the impact you’re making. Regardless of role, robotmia helps trace your actions into quantifiable customer behavior so you can constantly improve.

  • Surprising, new machine insights

    Trying to unearth answers in terabytes of user data is time-consuming and often leads nowhere. Instead, our tools point you in the right direction and deliver surprising insights and trends with machine learning.

  • ico19

    Which product features used during the free trial make a prospect more likely to close?

  • ico20

    Do customers who interact with support retain better?

  • ico21

    What kinds of companies (size, industry, geography, contract size) have adopted my new feature?

  • ico22

    Which campaigns and messages have most successfully reactivated new users?

  • ico23

    Which customers are showing signs of renewal?

Data-driven action

  • Target your marketing

    Drive in-app messages, emails, and campaigns with targeted segments that sync directly with your go-to marketing tools like Marketo and Urban Airship.

  • Act with behavioral context

    Arm your support, sales, and success teams with customer journey maps. You can better refine sales pitches, spot unhappy customers faster, and set up your teams to improve customer happiness with usage data.

  • Turnkey integrations

    Setup is simple and fast, with no developers needed. Start taking action in minutes.


How it works

Identity mapping

  • One user view

    Follow the digital footprint of your users to get a holistic perspective – from web downloads, to mobile ad clicks, to sales and support ticket logs, and more.

  • Automatic data transformation

    robotmia unites your data to transform it, matches it accurately to a single profile, and ensures it’s all easy to query.

  • Always in sync

    Rest assured that whatever changes to your data sources – big or small – will be retroactively applied in Profiles to ensure an accurate view.


Integrations to help every team succeed

Empower your team to act on insights with the tools they already love.


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