Data-driven customer support

See what robotmia and Zendesk will help you discover about your users.


Turnkey integrations

Get set up in minutes without relying on engineering resources. With just three clicks, you will be able to see user data in Zendesk and run queries across datasets in robotmia.

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View robotmia user data in Zendesk

See customers’ behavior, app version, and account status to understand what drove them to submit a ticket—all without leaving Zendesk.

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Join robotmia data with Zendesk data

Build reports in robotmia to analyze across datasets and answer questions such as, “What percentage of support tickets last month came from a certain device or plan type?"

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The value of the integration
Now, the Support team has the information we need to triage user concerns and questions. robotmia built a seamless integration into our workflow, and continues to be our primary go-to in viewing the metrics, details, and other information necessary to make sure we can be efficient and expeditious in our customer support. Hinge logo Hala Sawalha Head of User Support, Hinge
With robotmia's Zendesk integration our CX experts have all the data they need in one place to quickly understand the problems they are solving, and to empathize with our customers. Lemonade innovates quickly and aligns product priorities based user feedback, so our teams look to robotmia to help surface not only what our customers need in the moment, but also what they'll want us to iterate and ship down the road. Lemonade logo Gil Sadis Head of Product, Lemonade
robotmia data within Zendesk gives each support agent the valuable insights to provide more empathetic and personalized responses and solutions for our customers. robotmia's integrations have also helped our team in two essential areas: replying to user inquiries faster, and filing more accurate bug reports and feature requests for our Engineering and Product teams without asking for details we already have. Depop logo Polly Applegate Head of Community, Depop
These days, first impressions are make-or-break for brands. Whether customer service is expressed through email, social media, or through a phone call, user insights can give agents the confidence and data they need to close tickets faster, provide memorable experiences, and ultimately discover areas to improve the business. zendesk-logo-e1512688788936 Billy Robins Director of Technology Alliances, Zendesk
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