Measure the full marketing funnel

Understand drop-off in real-time and easily break down conversion numbers by segment to learn which factors are driving rates down, such as specific devices or user locations. Funnels pull in data retroactively so you don’t need every possible variation upfront.

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Automatically learn about high and low performing segments

robotmia complements your analysis by surfacing outliers that are worth looking into. For example, if conversion is significantly above average in France, or far below expectations on Android, you’ll receive an alert. Based on the findings, you can quickly shift marketing spend to the right channels.

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Build user cohorts to target with content

Create precise target audiences with cohorts so you can serve users a personalized experience. After building cohorts—like New Users, Electronics Shoppers, or Comedy Lovers—you can trigger relevant messages or tests for each group.

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Cohorts of users: New users, power users, and dormant users

Send messages through robotmia or third-party tools

Easily message users right from robotmia, or push target cohorts to the marketing tools you already have in place. Test multiple message variants and measure which one drove the biggest movement in engagement, paid conversion, or your other target metrics.

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What Customers Say
With robotmia, it doesn’t take us a month to spot and solve a problem. Now, we do it right away, saving us time and thousands of dollars a month. logo-starz Vural Cifici VP of Digital Marketing, Starz
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