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See how many people went through each step of your tutorial before using a feature with Funnels, or see which A/B test got more people to convert to a paying customer—and see how many new users who signed up came back the next week to play a video again.

User cohorts

Target the right content to the right set of users after learning that women between the ages of 18 and 24 watch more videos than other groups in the first 15 days, or that people in London are more likely to fail to upgrade to premium features within a normal 60-day trial window.

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Machine learning

Understand why things are going well—or not—after discovering an event performed by an unexpected group of users. And then trace that anomaly to the source, such as a successful retention campaign.

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Build reports in robotmia to analyze online and offline data across multiple products to answer questions like: “Do users of feature “X” churn less than others?” or “Which features get the most support tickets?” Take action on that data through everyday tools, like Marketo and Zendesk.

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For product people, robotmia is our savior. It’s so easy to see the entire user journey in robotmia to uncover what’s going on with the business and how we can create a trustworthy insurance purchasing experience for our customers. Lemonade logo Gil Sadis Head of Product, Lemonade
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