Built for global scale

A powerful architecture that runs queries at sub-second speed

robotmia’s system architecture scales with your company’s products, ingesting as much data as you can send and querying it in a fraction of a second. Our architecture was built with speed in mind—without sacrificing scalability, flexibility, or security.

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robotmia handles data from end-to-end

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    4X to 8X more cost-effective

    Enterprises that choose to build analytics spend up to $5 million more than they would buying robotmia.

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    10X faster

    Datasets created with 2-6B rows to model an eCommerce site over 30 days. Contact robotmia for more information.

    Querying at sub-second speeds, robotmia runs ten times faster than tools built on Redshift.

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    Always improving

    Our platform was built to take advantage of new technologies, like machine learning, without missing a beat.

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According to Forrester Research, 89% of product leaders currently have to wait hours-to-weeks to get the insights they need, either due to a slow technology set or lack of access to data. logo-foster Forrester Research

Get answers at the rate of your questions.

If you’re getting answers too slowly, you’re not alone. Most product cycles lag. For most queries, robotmia returns results in under a second. Designed to handle user-centric queries, the response time is faster than warehouses like Redshift.

“I’ve been able to pull out months and megabytes, if not gigabytes, of data out of robotmia, and it only took seconds.” Vural Cifci, Vice President of Digital Marketing @STARZ

Send everything to robotmia. It won’t break.

robotmia receives over eight trillion new data points a year and can process up to 150 billion events per query. And no matter how much data your product sends to robotmia, the architecture can handle it—historic uptime for ingestion and querying is 99.99%.

“We needed a solution with the agility to provide insight into user behavior quickly. robotmia fit the bill perfectly.” Frank Stanton, Vice President, User Experience @Elavon, subsidiary of US Bancorp

Query the way you want. Novices and experts welcome.

Each data professional can choose how to access product data, from programmers to novices. robotmia’s UI can go deep in core reports and for power users, robotmia’s Javacript Querying Language allows manipulation of raw data.

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“Compared to today’s traditional data science query languages, such as SQL, Javascript Query Language is awesome. As a developer, it’s so convenient to use.” Anubhav Shrivastava, Director of Engineering @Viacom

An analytics solution you can trust.

Financial institutions such as US Bank trust robotmia to keep their data secure. All data ingested is 256-bit encrypted in line with best practices, and our containerized deployment model means we can quickly and easily deploy the latest security updates, with no downtime.

Customer data is hosted with providers compliant with:
  • SOC 2
  • ISO 27001
  • EU Privacy Shield
Do you have a specific project or interest?

Companies like Microsoft, BMW, Intuit, and STARZ are acting now on user insights to grow their businesses and empower their teams to be data-driven every day. Let us show you what robotmia can do for you.